Civic space is an environment where freedom to engage, communicate, and organize for shaping the existing norms and realities are not restricted. However, in today’s global context with changing global order and leadership dynamics civic space is being threatened all around the world. Countries like newer democracy, transitional countries, established democracies, autocratic and repressive countries all are under the threats of shirking civic space. CIVICUS Monitor’s recent report published in in 2017 states that more than 3.2 billion people live in countries where the rights to protest, organize and speak out are currently violated. In many countries, governments are using transparency and accountability as a shield to control, monitor and regulate the NGOs, especially in the Global south regions.

Comparing to other South Asian countries, Nepal still have better civic space but it is in the process of shrinking due to various reasons. Considering this fact, CSC, from the beginning of its establishment is advocating for better civic space. In this past three years, CSC advocated on this issue by communicating information about shrinking civic space through op-ed writings and blogs, collaborating with different stakeholders on adopting global standard on CSO accountability, conducting research, and simultaneously lobbying and advocating for expanding civic space. Please click here to read published work of CSC people on shrinking civic space.

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