Artivism for PSEA

School children standing in the playground


The project ‘Artivism for PSEA’ aims to collaborate with Nepali artists to produce high quality IEC materials and works to expand knowledge, understanding and awareness among adolescent girls on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA). CSC is open to collaborate with organizations to work together for PSEA policy formulation and PSEA advocacy in the future.

Artivism Workshop with Artists

We conducted an artivism workshop where both emerging and experienced artists were oriented on PSEA. 15 artists representing various sectors of art such as Visual Arts (paintings, illustrations, installation art, performance art, photography, and so on), Documentaries and films, Music, Literature (stories, scripts, poems, monologues, and so on) were trained to create powerful artwork for protection from sexual exploitation and abuse across humanitarian response efforts.

People sitting in a room in a round table and girls are presenting
school girl reading a pamphlet

PSEA Workshop with Adolescent Girls

We conducted PSEA workshops among adolescent girls with a aim of providing knowledge, understanding and awareness on PSEA. The workshops were conducted in different schools of Sunsari and Jhapa District, two of the most disaster affected districts of Nepal. Different art products created by the artists were used as a tool to conduct workshops.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaign is currently running with the aim to aware and engage adolescents digitally on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and the ways to protect ourselves and the community from it.

artwork with a female symbol and rays coming out from it