Founded in 2015, Centre for Social Change (CSC) is a non-profit making social think-tank based in Kathmandu, Nepal working on the changing socio-political dynamics of Nepalese society via research, education, advocacy and through community mobilization. CSC’s current works are focused on issues around conflict transformation and peacebuilding, democracy and governance, migration and human mobility, labor and employment, civic space and civil society development, and social development and public policy.

CSC is registered at the District Administration Office Kathmandu and affiliated to Social Welfare Council of Nepal. CSC, since its inception is operating from its rented office in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.
CSC’s executive board takes policy decisions as per the mandate given by its General Assembly. CSC’s day-to-day function is run by the Secretariat, which includes three members from the executive board and they report to the executive board. Similarly, all the staffs are responsible for executing the project and programs report to the secretariat.
President and General Secretary from the CSC’s executive board are responsible for the day-to-day operation of office as well as providing regular advice and mentorship to its current staffs, volunteers and interns. CSC also has regular interns and international researchers visiting office.

Our Expertise
  • Skilled and experienced researchers with both qualitative and quantitative skills
  • Competent project managers
  • High quality thinkers and educators related to CSC’s working themes
  • Effective campaigners (both social media and ground based)
  • Motivated volunteers
  • Diverse team
  • Sound understanding of socio-economic and political context from the local, national and global perspectives
Our Interventions
CSC’s interventions are focused on following themes:
  • Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Migration and Human mobility
  • Labor and Employment
  • Civic Space and Civil Society Development
  • Social Development and Public policy.
Operational Structure
CSC is currently operating with its four organizational wings, namely, think-tank initiative, projects and programs, knowledge production, and movement building.

CSC envisions a platform to promote evidence-based policy making and advocacy. With this vision, CSC is carrying out research related to its working themes for generating evidences that may support to policymaking and advocacy initiatives in Nepal. Besides conducting research, think-tank initiative is envisioned for establishing CSC as a watchdog to provide analysis of the socio-political context, and providing policy feedbacks and inputs to politicians, policymakers, donors, and civil society organizations.

This wing is mainly responsible for designing and implementing projects and programs within its working themes and in partnership with donors, civil society organizations, universities, and private sector.

Considering the lack of strong knowledge management and production initiatives in the CSC’s working themes, we have focused our work on conducting research, generating evidences for policy-making and advocacy and eventually publishing books, reports, policy briefs, and infographics. In addition, CSC also aims to provide analysis of the context through newspaper articles, blogs, and online knowledge management and information portal. It is believed that CSC’s work in the long run will be beneficial for educational and policy making purpose to the concerned stakeholders.

CSC is a knowledge generating platform. One of the goal at CSC is to conduct researches to generate evidence for effective policymaking and advocacy. In addition CSC believes to disseminate its expertise and knowledge with various stakeholders by publishing reports, factsheet, policy brief, etc.CSC strongly believes in continuous coordination and cooperation among different stakeholders for achieving sustainable change. With this view, movement building wing at CSC establishes connections and partnerships with local, national, regional and global social change movements and also takes proactive efforts to create and strengthen social change movements in the areas of CSC’s strategic priorities.

Collaboration with Universities and Academic Institutions.
Partnership and Collaboration

Since its inception, CSC is actively collaborating with a number of universities, research institutions, and other likeminded organizations within Nepal and internationally. CSC’s present and past collaboration includes with the following institutions

Collaboration with Other Organizations.