GWP project is a joint collaboration between Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University. Using a cross-disciplinary approach by combining peace research with psychology, the GWP project has investigated ‘women and peace’ hypothesis further, and in greater depth. By bringing in a set of new conditions of relevance for contemporary armed conflicts, this project extended the women and peace hypothesis to explain under which conditions it holds in peace-building settings – if it holds at all. The main objective for Women War Trauma and Peacebuilding project is to identify the post conflict needs of women faced by violence and trauma. This project further aimed to investigate whether there are attitudinal gender differences toward peace and the peacebuilding process to be taken into account given the different types of trauma women and men are exposed to during war. Knowledge of women’s and men’s attitudes toward peace-building in post-conflict settings, and the reasons for these attitudes, would provide critical information for understanding the challenges of peacebuilding, and ultimately for improving the prospects for peace.

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