Research Advisory Group

Dr. Anuj Tiwari is currently working as team of expert at CSC. Dr. Tiwari’s educational trajectory has largely been in the field of international relations and security studies. His has been keenly observing Nepal’s political developments over the past decade and the role of the international community in it. He holds a doctoral degree in International Relations from University of Warsaw, Poland. His dissertation was on “Securitization on South Asia”. Prior to that, he completed his Masters in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Dr. Tiwari has eight years of professional experience in the areas of International Relations and Security Studies. He has conducted several types of research on conflict assessment, terrorism, and leadership development, labour migration and so on. Currently, he is a researcher at King’s College, Kathmandu and a faculty member at Department of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Tribhuvan University.

Mr. Aakash Gautam is currently working as team of expert at CSC. Aakash is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. On broader terms, his interests lie in designing and evaluating technologies for empowerment. Aakash’s dissertation work involves understanding the lives of sex-trafficking survivors and designing technologies to help survivors reintegrate into society with dignity. Building on participatory approaches to design and research, his work has highlighted the need for evolving research methodologies that address local conditions. His interests also expand to understanding the complexities involved in labor migration, widening political participation, and in understanding ethical and moral concerns in design and research.