Migration Watch: Annual Media Monitoring Report 2018


We are pleased to publish our second report on the coverage of foreign labor migration in Nepali media.

Nepali mainstream media, over the past one and half decades have given emphasis on the consistent coverage of news related to foreign labor migration, which ranges from the problems faced by migrant workers to the government’s attempts to ensure safe and better managed migration. However, a consolidated analysis how both print and digital media have covered such news and what has been the impacts of those news for strengthening labor migration governance in the country is lacking. Under that pretext, Center for Social Change (CSC) have produced this report with a general objective of analyzing the changing dynamics of foreign labor migration in Nepal with respect to the attempts made in its governance over the period of 2018. This report is further focused on to identify the volume, trends, and patterns of foreign labor migration as reported by the selected Nepali media, and eventually understand the dynamics and direction of foreign labor migration in the context of Nepal.

It would not be possible to publish this report without strong support given by a number of individuals. First of all, I would like to thank our three researchers Ms. Prashamsha Simkhada, Ms. Reshma Basnet, and Ms. Sarita Barma for their hard work and dedication to collect and synthesize the data obtained through media monitoring. I also would like express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Anuj Tiwari, Mr. Aakash Gautam, Ms. Kalpana Rana Magar, Ms. Prasiddhi Shrestha, Mr. Pawan Roy, and Mr. Anish Khatri for their valuable support while preparing this report.

Prakash Bhattarai, PhD

Research Leader

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Summary of Findings: