The number of Nepali opting for labor migration is ever increasing, which accounts for a massive remittance; the majority of Nepali households are affected by migration one way or the other. Besides annual media research on foreign labor migration issues, CSC in the past was also involved in initiating debates and discussion on social, political and economic cost of labor migration in Nepalese context. The primary purpose of this initiative is to generate a comprehensive understanding of the social, economic and political cost of foreign employment in Nepal and increase awareness among concern stakeholders for addressing the adverse impact of foreign labor migration. CSC organized two roundtable discussion in Rupandehi and Sunsari district under this theme and with the active participation of local government officials, political leaders, civil society leaders, media persons, leaders of chambers of commerce and industries, returnee migrant workers and family members of current migrant workers. Roundtable discussion participants also shared about possible solution to minimize the adverse impact of foreign labor migration, highlighting that role of local government is prominent to conduct massive awareness raising programs, counselling to the migrant workers’ family members, and establishing a proper channel of communication between migrant workers working abroad and their family members. Voices were also raised regarding the need of proper allocation of resources for minimizing the negative cost of foreign labor migration into Nepalese society.

As an outcome of this project, CSC is in the process of publishing a fact-sheet on social, economic, and political impact of labor migration.

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