CALL FOR APPLICATIONS!!! on ‘Artivism Works’

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This project ‘Artivism Works’ aims to strengthen social harmony and democratic practices in Nepal by promoting the principles of good governance, pluralism, and coexistence among youth through the effective use of art and activism.

Freedom Studio (FS) is an artivism platform that integrates art and activism to work on transforming traditional activism and artistic work into a powerful and impactful actions. FS is currently looking for 10 emerging artists and activists of Nepal who are passionate on using art for the promotion of democracy and peace. These artists and activists will attend meetings, team building exercises, workshops and webinars on the key principles of democracy and integrating art and activism for promoting social cohesion and good governance. Participants will work in peer to developing high-quality artivism content and expand their network in this field.

All the interested applicant shall be under the age of 25 and passionate activist or artist. (We count anyone doing volunteer work as an activist and musician, illustrator, painter, photo/videographer as an artist.)

All selected participants will receive NRS. 10,000 as an allowance for their time contribution. We expect in total 40 hours of time contribution during the project period. (August – September)

Application closes on July 31, 2021.