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Nepal Research Conference on Peace, Justice and Inclusive Society

June 27, 2019 - June 28, 2019

Although the notions of peace, justice, and inclusive society have been advocated in Nepal for many decades, these issues received more attention and established as a dominant discourse only after the mid-90s particularly during the time of decade long armed conflict (1996-2005), Nonviolent People’s Movement (2006), throughout the most recent constitution-making process (2006-2015), and even today (in the post-conflict and post-constitution period i.e. 2015-onward).

Peace, justice, and inclusive society, despite being the long-term political, social, as well as development agenda for Nepal, they yet to be fully realized in practice. A number of struggles, could be in the name of caste, ethnic, and gender equality, promoting people’s access to natural resources such as land, water and forests, ensuring justice to the victims of armed conflicts, and in many other social, economic, and political issues have been a continued practice. Despite all political changes that Nepal has achieved over the past 29 years, why do people are in continuous struggle to achieve peace, justice, and inclusive society is something yet to be explored fully. In this backdrop, Centre for Social Change (CSC), an emerging research and advocacy organization, aims to organize a two-day long research conference, through which it aims to look for research-based solutions for the practical realization of peace, justice and inclusive society in the post-conflict and post-constitution Nepal. This conference provides opportunities for graduate and post-graduate students, academic faculties, social science researchers, and social change practitioners from Nepal and abroad who have conducted or are conducting research on relevant social science discipline.

Presenters selected in this research conference will get a chance to present their research findings in front of policymakers and receive feedbacks on their results from the distinguished scholars and social change practitioners invited to serve as a commentator/discussant of the program. CSC aims to bring around 20-25 presenters, divide them into different panels based on various themes of the conference, and organize plenary session to present their findings. CSC also expects to invite around 40 policymakers, intellectuals, and general audience as participants of the research conference. It is expected to publish conference proceeding with the collection of papers presented during the conference.

Conference Themes

The conference would like to focus on the following themes. However, other papers on relevant issues are also welcome to submit

  1. Nonviolent approaches to addressing conflicts in Nepal
  2. Implementation of peace agreement and peace process in Nepal
  3. Post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding in Nepal
  4. Formal, informal and traditional justice systems and practices in Nepal
  5. Restorative justice pathways to building sustainable peace
  6. Transitional justice and reconciliation in Nepal
  7. Gender equality and social inclusion discourse in Nepal
  8. Dynamics and direction of caste, ethnic and other forms of socio-political movements in Nepal
  9. The new federal structure and governance in Nepal
  10. Civic space and civil society development



  • Call for abstract: 25 March- 30 April 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance of Abstract: 7 May 2019
  • Submission of full paper: 20 June 2019
  • Conference Date: 27-28 June 2019


Instructions for Submitting the Abstract

  • Abstract should be 300 words maximum which should highlight your research findings, methodology of your research and some core findings with implications of your research.
  • Along with the abstract, please submit your short bio with 200 words maximum
  • All submission should be made through the google form or email in the case of technical difficulties
  • For more information about the conference write us at
  • More information about the conference will soon be available at the websites of Centre for Social Change (