Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the modern world. Youth and girls at risk are often vulnerable towards human trafficking. There are several means that are used to traffic girls and minors by force, fraud and exploiting. Annually, approximately 6 to 8 hundred thousand people are trafficked across borders around the world, 80 percent of whom are women and girls and are forced to become bar dancer, domestic servants, beggars, factory workers, circus performers and even sometimes child soldiers.

CSC, as part of its capacity building initiatives organized an advocacy training on human trafficking for circus artists who are trafficking survivors. Advocacy training focusing on circus artist was first of its kind training organized by CSC in collaboration with Circus Kathmandu (CK). The advocacy training mainly focuses on enhancing the leadership skills with deep understanding of using circus as an advocacy tool and utilizing in the performances and shows to spread awareness on human trafficking among larger mass. The course was mainly focused on a) Understanding various dimensions of human rights and child rights b) Understanding human trafficking in the context of Nepal c) Context and consequences of migration d) Advocacy and e) Translating circus as an advocacy tool. Beside these topics, the three-day training also focused on two major learning processes 1) In-House Learning 2) Practicum. Please download the report here.

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