Center for Social Change, is a non-profit research institute and social think tank organization working in the field of violence prevention, peace building, migration, shrinking civic space, sustainable development and governance. CSC is one of the emerging organization, established in early 2015, which promotes evidence based policy making and advocacy. CSC is also promoting young scholars by providing platform to learn skills for academic and non-academic research through different programs and opportunities.

Organizational Wing

CSC envisions a platform to promote evidence based policy making and advocacy. With this vision CSC is carrying out research in Peace Building, Foreign Labor Migration, Non Violence, etc. to generate evidence that supports the right track in policy making and advocacy. Besides conducting research this wing is also responsible for watchdog initiative to provide analysis of the context, and providing policy feedbacks and inputs to politicians, policymakers, and donors. Migration Watch- media monitoring of ten leading print and online media on migration is CSC’s first think tank effort.

One of the important work of CSC is working with grass root people for academic research and intervention. This important task is headed by the project and program wing at CSC. This wing is mainly responsible for designing and implementing projects and programs in partnership with donors, local and national level civil society organizations, and the private sector.

CSC strongly believes in continuous coordination of all stakeholders to achieve sustainable change. With this view movement building wing at CSC establishes connections and partnerships with local, national, regional and global social change movements and also takes proactive efforts to create and strengthen social change movements in the areas of CSC’s strategic priorities

CSC is a knowledge generating platform. One of the goal at CSC is to conduct researches to generate evidence for effective policymaking and advocacy. In addition CSC believes to disseminate its expertise and knowledge with various stakeholders by publishing reports, factsheet, policy brief, etc.