Centre for Social Change (CSC) is a non-profit research and advocacy institute founded by a group of Nepali scholars and practitioners actively involved in various professional fields. CSC was formed in early 2015 with an aim to adequately respond to three major obstacles to social change process in Nepal, namely, discrimination, violence, and violation of human rights. CSC mainly works with youth, women, political leaders, and policymakers in six areas:

– Social Cohesion and Democratic Participation
– Peacebuilding and Violence Prevention
– Migration
– Quality Education for all
– Democracy and Good Governance
– Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Theory of Change

If women, youth, political leaders, and policymakers are actively and continuously involved in addressing the caste, gender, and ethnicity based discriminations, responding to social and political violence, and advocating the protection and promotion of human rights, then social change are achievable within a short period of time, because youth, women, political leaders, and policymakers are key human force who have abilities to influence people from all segments of society.


Our Working Approach

CSC has adopted four different approaches for its constructive engagements in social change initiatives. These four areas of intervention include;

– Research and evidence based policy and public advocacy for social change
– Grassroots to international coalition and partnership for social change
– Movement building for social change
– Service for social change