Our Working Approach

CSC has adopted four different approaches for its constructive engagements in social change initiatives. These four areas of intervention include;
1. Research and evidence based policy and public advocacy for social change
2. Grassroots to international coalition and partnership for social change
3. Movement building for social change
4. Service for social change

Our Working Areas

CSC mainly works with youth, women, political leaders, and policymakers in following areas:
1. Good governance
2. Violence Prevention and Peace Building
3. Sustainable Development Goals
4. Discrimination
5. Shrinking Civic Space

Organizational Wings

CSC has four major wings through which it conducts its activities. These four wings include:

Think tank initiatives: This wing is mainly responsible for conducting research, publishing books, reports and policy briefs, provide analysis of the context, and providing policy feedbacks and inputs to politicians, policymakers, and donors

Projects and programs: This wing is mainly responsible for designing and implementing projects and programs in partnership with donors, local and national level civil society organizations, and the private sector

Movement building: This wing establishes connections and partnerships with local, national, regional and global social change movements and also takes proactive efforts to create and strengthen social change movements in the areas of CSC’s strategic priorities

Admin and finance: This wing ensures efficient administration of organization and effective control, regulation, and management of finance that meets the standard of the government and the donors.


Launch of Annual Media Monitoring Report on Foreign Labor Migration 2017

Considering the growing role of media in public perception building as well as influencing the policymaking process in country, CSC has adopted media monitoring as one of the effective instruments to evaluate the progress as well as understand initiatives taken by the government, non-government as well as private sectors in addressing the problems associated with foreign labor migration of Nepal through policy as well as programmatic interventions. Media monitoring task has been further focused on to identify the volume, trends and patterns of foreign labor migration as reported by ten mainstream Nepali media and eventually understand the dynamics and direction of foreign labor migration in Nepal.

After a yearlong evaluation, CSC organized a launch of ‘Annual Media Monitoring Report on Foreign Labor Migration 2017’ alongside conducted a round-table discussion on ‘Changing landscape of Foreign Labor Migration in Nepal’ on 3rd August, 2018. The event was focused on highlighting the key findings obtained through media monitoring on foreign labor migration in the year 2017.

Likewise, the roundtable discussion among the concerned stakeholders was focused on analyzing the changing landscape of foreign labor migration in Nepal. The program was attained by nearly 50 participants representing media houses, private sector institutions, civil society organizations and the government offices.

Please click to download the Report